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At WrapBullys, we specialize in customizing Tesla vehicles to bring out a more unique look. Wether you want to change the color of the vehicle with our High Quality Vinyl Wraps, get rid of the chrome accents with our Chrome Delete service, or get a more sleek look with our Powder-Coat service for your wheels; We make it easy for our clients to find and get the right look for their Tesla. We offer a number of different services to add flavor to your vehicle. With our professional team of installers, we guarantee flawless work and on time delivery. We, here at WrapBullys, treat all our clients with fast and reliable customer service. Give us a call today and get started on bringing your vision to life! 213-293-9727


“Why Should I Wrap My Car?”

Wrapping your vehicle is the alternate way of getting a different color rather than getting a quality paint job. We offer a huge selection of different colors and styles from Gloss, Satin, Matte, and even Chrome. Not only will your Tesla have a sweet new color, it will attract attention from other Tesla owners. With a Vinyl Wrap, you will not have to worry about being stuck with the color. Whenever you are ready to remove the wrap, bring your vehicle back to one of our locations and we will have one of our installers carefully remove the wrap. The material that we work with leaves no damage to the paint or vehicle so your Tesla will look just like the way you purchased it once removed.

“Can The Chrome Be Wrapped On My Tesla?”

Our motto here at WrapBullys is, “If The Vinyl Sticks, We Can Wrap It”. With our Chrome Delete service, we wrap all the chrome accents on your Tesla with any color vinyl you prefer. That includes the chrome on the window trim, mirrors, front grille, and trunk. It is amazing the difference that our Chrome Delete service adds to your vehicle. This service also includes painting your emblems any color. Our highest demanded colors are Gloss Black and Satin Black (We also offer color match paint for your emblems at additional cost). Most clients bundle up the Chrome Delete service with the Full Wrap Service and are always pleased with the outcome.

“What If I Want My Wheels Black?”

Getting your wheels Powder-Coated is the most professional way of getting your wheels painted. This service last longer than painting your wheels with liquid paint or any other paint. We specialize in custom colors; but, Gloss Black and Satin Black are also the highest demanded colors. The coat is electrostatic-ally applied to the metal and then cured in a 400 degree oven. When the process is all done and the newly powder-coated wheels are installed, it changes the look completely. All of our clients who go with this service never regret it. Even if you choose not to wrap your Tesla, this service gives the vehicle a more “sporty” look and makes it pop compared to stock Teslas.

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